Success story: X-Forum

Success story: X-Forum & ConnexMe for a tradeshow

The event:

From the 24th to the 25th of October, on the campus of the prestigious engineering school, the Forum de l’Ecole Polytechnique was held to help students in the process of solidifying their research or professional plans. The X-Forum takes place over two days: the first consisting of lectures and workshops, while the second puts almost 2000 students in direct contact with approximately 150 companies, schools and universities.

 What they needed then:

The organisers chose to use as their online ticketing service and the application Evenium ConnexMe to:
– Create an easy to customise website and manage their event’s online registration
– Bring conferences to life and promote interactivity at the event.


What are the saying now:

‘ is an easy to use, intuitive tool’

“We wanted to create a site for our event to promote the X-Forum and manage registrations. We used ConnexMe and were pleasantly surprised: it was very simple to create the site for our event, to choose our colour scheme and to add our own content.
It was also important for use to be able to create personalised badges and to be able to follow the number of people who had checked in, in real time. We could do all of this without any additional assistance: the tool is easy to use and very intuitive.
It was also very easy to integrate the registration form into our own tools such as on our own site.
‘The mobile application ConnexMe allows guests to participate more easily during conferences’

We also used the application ConnexMe during conferences we found it a very practical tool : participants can easily ask questions or post comments to speakers without being afraid of interrupting. The speakers could then take the questions when they were ready for them. The application ConnexMe also makes it easier to organise participants, as they have access to the guest list as well as the day’s schedule. This allows them to plan their day and to get in touch with relevant people on the day of the event. We recommend using a WiFi connection specically set up for a large number of participants: this ensures that everyone will be able to use the application  properly.”

– Marion Roger, Event Organiser of the X-Forum, Ecole Polytechnique –