Success story : Top 250

Success story : Top 250

Evenium ConnexMe at an awards ceremony

The event :

On September 24th, 2012, Syntec Numérique organized their second Top 250 event with Ernst and Young, held at the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie in Paris. This year, there were more than 250 participants participating at the awards ceremony, consisting of some of the brightest and best French software developers and designers.

What they needed then:

The organizers of the event chose to enhance their participants’ event experience by providing them with the application ConnexMe to:

  • Facilitate networking between attendees
  •  Bring the awards ceremony to life by giving participants the floor
  •  Expanding the digital reach of the event beyond the room itself

What they are saying now:

“We tested ConnexMe for the first time during the second Top 250 event. We found that it really brought something extra to the event:

‘Brought the room to life’

As organizers, we’re familiar with events that just seem to drag on indefinitely. Awards ceremonies, for instance, allow very little room for interactivity or for audience participation. With ConnexMe, guests could participant by posting comments and questions directly from their smartphones. They got into the spirit of the event and were more and more keen to post, as they saw their comments being posted on the big screen. Evenium ConnexMe allows organizers to bring their events to life by actively engaging participants.

‘A very efficient networking tool!’

The participants had access to the guest list, and many sent private messages prior to and during the event. With Evenium ConnexMe, our guests could easily identify and meet their most relevant contacts during the drinks reception that followed the ceremony.

‘An easy way to expand the reach of the event’

Guests could see presentation slides directly on their smartphones, tablets and computers. This allowed them to repost relevant content with their own comments onto social networks, thereby making the event visible to all of their contacts. It’s easy to expand the reach of the event beyond the room itself.”

– Rudolphe Pennec, Marketing/development Manager, ErnstYoung –