Success Story: IT for BUSINESS Forum 2012

Success Story: IT for BUSINESS Forum 2012


IT for BUSINESS Forum 2012
Evenium ConnexMe for conferences and debates

The event

From 12th-14th April 2012, the IT for BUSINESS FORUM’s first leaders’ conference dedicated to digital strategy took place at Deauville. Conferences, renowned speakers and networking opportunities allowed guests to better understand the challenges of the digital revolution in order to transform organizations, improve competitiveness and generate business.

What they needed then

The IT for BUSINESS FORUM provided its guests with the Evenium ConnexMe mobile application in order to:

  • Allow their attendees to participate and engage with the content
  • Facilitate networking between participants
  • Keep people talking about the event after it had ended

What they are saying now

‘ConnexMe is more than just a solution, it’s an invaluable addition.’

‘For the second consecutive year, we used the ConnexMe app for the IT forBUSINESS FORUM. Three days of debate, nearly 400 participants, sixteen hours of conferences and lots of networking, for which ConnexMe was a great help.

There no longer needs to be a gap between the speaker and listener. People aren’t simply involved or not involved. Everyone can now contribute. ConnexMe is revolutionary in the world of events, particularly conferences. Everyone has something to say and something to bring to the table. It makes debates twice as enriching and boosts networking:
– presentations become two way
– guests can communicate using private messages
– meetings between guests can carry on even after the event
– humorous comments give the conference a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

ConnexMe has really added value to IT for BUSINESS FORUM. The application contributed a great deal to the success of the event, especially in terms of making it more interactive, and in easing communication and networking. The influence of social networks is equally important.

To sum up: ConnexMe is becoming a real medium of expression which has added a degree of continuity to our first two events, we are confident that it will continue to enrich the community which it helped to form.’

– Bénédicte Le Foll, Product Manager IT for BUSINESS FORUM –

ConnexMe was at the heart of interaction between the speakers and their audience. Participants reacted and posted comments, asked questions and connected with one another using their social networks. The IT for BUSINESS event set out to create links between guests to one another and to the content using digital media. Thanks to ConnexMe, that’s exactly what happened – and why we won the bet!

– Alexandre Nobecourt, CEO, IT for BUSINESS FORUM –