Speakers talk too much!

According to Jeff Hurt from the blog Velvet Chainsaw’s Midcourse Corrections, even if it’s not their first intent most of the time they do and by doing so they loose their audience midway during the speech.

So what is the solution to keep everyone learning and making a difference in a speech? Well, according to Jeff, speakers need to let the audience talk. And we have to agree with him on that one, as he thinks “[…] the person who does the most talking, does the most learning! Why? Because the person talking is processing information and stating it aloud. So, we have to find ways to talk less and let our audiences talk more.”

That is why at Evenium, interaction during events is at the core of all our work. We do what we do to create a dialogue, to create a link, to connect people, so they can feel as much involved in the event as they possibly can. That is the reason behind our Evenium ConnexMe mobile app, to make people interact with the speakers and with the audience members.

So let’s all remember one thing from this article: let’s talk together!