Selling more tickets: tips for event planners

Selling more tickets: tips for event planners

You are organizing an event that requires payment and you want to sell your tickets online? Of course you want to sell as many tickets as possible. Well, we have some good news for you – here are some tips! Don’t miss out on a single sale and make your event a success!

1. Create your event online

Create the event site

We have several solutions like that enable you to create websites that can share information regarding your event and also to allow your guests to buy their tickets online.

Fill in your registration form

It’s quick and easy! You just have to type your event name, the date and the venue. You can also add a presentation about the event and announce who the speakers will be, as well as choosing the price of the ticket(s).

create your event online

Start selling

And there you have it! Your site is now online. You can start promoting your event and selling tickets.

2. Attract as many people as possible

Embed the ticket widget in your websites and social networks

Advertise your event and increase your sales by embedding the ticket widget in your sites, blogs, Facebook pages or affiliated websites.


Send invitations

Send invitations to your contacts, prospects, partners, sponsors, press contacts and VIPs with ease by email. You can of course customize these emails according to your color scheme and also add images.


Use promotional codes

Launch different promotion operations depending on when the tickets are reserved (such as early-bird tickets) or who your target market is (partners, VIPs, members). Set the size of the discount, how long it is valid for, and distribute the codes during your marketing campaigns.

promotion codes

3. Follow up on potential clients

Some online ticket orders are unsuccessful because the purchasing process wasn’t completed. The buyers might have lost the web page or have been distracted by external factors (such a phone call). With, you can identify people who haven’t completed their registration and send them a follow-up email.
How does this work?

Identify potential clients

In the back office for your event on you can see the list of people who have(n’t) finished their purchase. You can also see at what point during the process they gave up.

Abandon step

Follow up by email

An email is automatically sent to those who have not completed their order. With this email, they will be able through go the purchasing process again, and all the information that they have already entered will still be filled in. All this is done to make ordering simple. In addition to this automatic email, you can also send them an email to encourage them to continue their order.

regsitration incomplete

Don’t wait any longer, create your event on the online platform and bring more people to your event!