How to organize efficient internal events

How to organize efficient internal events

Marie_GranvillainMarie Granvillain, Office Project Manager at CapGemini, organizes internal training sessions at Capgemini. She notably takes care of Consulting Week, a training session organized once a year for the consultants of the group.

Here is her interesting take on organizing internal training sessions.


Could you quickly presents to us the event you organized?

Every year CapGemini gathers for a week about 600 guests chosen among more than 3000 consultants from the group. This event is called Consulting Week. This year, the venue was at Les Fontaines next to Paris from the 25th to 30th of August 2013. The objective is to train the consultants and to notify them of the latest information in the Company. The event comprises of conferences, meetings and workshops.

In your opinion, how do you organise an efficient internal training conference?

The aim is for the participants to retain as much information as possible. To achieve this we believe that the participants need to participate and communicate as much as possible. You must be able to respond to all their demands and they should to be able to communicate between themselves. The consultants in training need to respond and participate actively.
We estimate the success of the training and of the event by asking forty questions to the participants at the end of the event. The aim is to assess the quality of the content, the organization and to continually improve ourselves.

However, an effecient internal training event is also being able to manage the communication between the organisers and the participants. There were more than 600 participants, we needed to ensure that all the logistic information could be easily communicated between them.

You wanted your event to be interactive, how did you do it?

We gave the participants access to Evenium ConnexMe, a networking and interaction application. This was not the first time we used the application during our training events. Participants and organizers are getting used to it.
The Application is used by the participants to communicate, exchange, react and share information. It also allows them to see who the other guests are. It creates a close-knit community at the event.

The application allows for us organizers to share formal and informal information with the participants. We publish about 6 news posts everyday via the application.

The use of this kind of application is in the spirit of our company. We already use the social network Yammer internally. However, during our training sessions the on site staff use the ConnexMe Application.

How did you make sure everybody (Guests, Speakers,…) used the application?

Before the event, we organized a virtual kick off meeting. We use this time to present the event to come and thus talk about the uses of ConnexMe.
Then, 4 to 8 days before the event we send out an email to our participants recapping the details on logistics and the application.
At the beginning of the event, several polls are often launched to check that all the participants have the application on their smart phone or tablet.

The speakers are briefed by the internal events team. They are in charge of presenting the application to the master of ceremonies. We want the users to be fully aware of the potential of the application before the event. We do not content ourselves with presenting the application, we advise them on which question they can ask relating to their presentation, how to make their presentation interactive,….etc

During the event, how did your team use the application?

For all the important sessions, a dedicated member of staff is used for ConnexMe. This member of staff, selects the relevant comments and projects them on the big screen. He also replies to certain questions and guide the speaker.
Throughout the event, we have a “ConnexMe Team” at our disposal to ensure the application is correctly used and check for eventual connection issues.

What tips would you give to those who wish to have an interactive event?

Using the ConnexMe application is an excellent way to make your events interactive. However, for it to be a success, I would recommend following and supporting its use during your event. This is why we have a dedicated team for the used of ConnexMe. So yes, it is work but its very much worth it.


We hope this testimony was useful. We would like to thank Marie Granvillain for her excellent contribution!

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The Evenium Team