Energize your annual events thanks to BNP Paribas’ advice

Energize your annual events thanks to BNP Paribas’ advice

Weber Lucille_blogHow to energize an annual event? How to get your participants to actively participate? Discover Lucille Weber’s testimony (Head of Group Risk Management Communications at BNP Paribas).


– Can you tell us a little more on the event you organized?
Global risk management is an annual event bringing together managers from all over the world. Close to 375 people were invited to “Les Fontaines” campus in Chantilly, France between the 20th and 22nd of May 2014.

– How did this event differ from previous year?
We wanted to create a bridge between the participants and the speakers, have them actively participate and network with ease. To achieve this we used Evenium’s networking and interaction mobile app – Evenium ConnexMe.

– Was this the first time you decided to use a tool of this type? Why did you choose this app?
No this was not the first time, we have used different technologies in the past to make our events more interactive. Last year, we setup a system allowing participants to ask their questions via SMS. We also trialled voting keypads so that participants were more involved. This year we were looking for a more efficient tool and though of using a mobile app. Evenium proposed their mobile app ConnexMe. We have been working with Evenium for many years – We use their platform ‘Facility‘ to manage the invitations and registrations for different events. During other events we were able to use another app, we could compare the two and choose ConnexMe which offers more functionalities. Especially as the ConnexMe app does not need any specific equipment to be setup, its very easy.

– How did you present it to the speakers?
The app is very easy to setup . We did not need to present the app to the speakers ahead of the event. We discussed the app very informally the day of the event. The communication team in charge of the organization of the event had prepared questions in advance to animate the sessions, it was completely transparent for the speakers, they did not need to do anything.

– Did the participants easily take hold of the app?
As it was the first time we were offering this tool, we took several steps to explain to the participants how to connect and use the app. The event started the Wednesday morning, so we sent them an email presenting the app Monday. Only two days before the event. The day of their arrival, we distributed flyers presenting the app. The welcome hostesses were briefed so that they could reply to all of the participants questions regarding the app. We also projected presentations slides at the beginning of the event.

– As an organizer, how did you use the tool?
We used ConnexMe to directly communicate with the participants. We created an official ConnexMe account to post all of the practical information such as the sessions starts in 5 mins in the live feed. We could have used the push notifications however we did not end up using it – next time maybe! I would like to highlight that although the app setup is simple, we choose to have an Evenium Project Manager present. It was very useful for a first time use.

– Are you planning to use ConnexMe during your next events?
The participants of the event were not “digital natives” however, they took hold off the app very easily. During the post event satisfaction questions, two thirds of the participants said they appreciated the app and therefore we will continue using ConnexMe during our next events.