Advice from Eurotunnel on how to organize a collaborative annual event

Advice from Eurotunnel on how to organize a collaborative annual event

Celine CarrerasEvery year, Eurotunnel brings its managers together at the Eurotunnel Management Forum. In 2015 the event took place on 16th March – this was the perfect opportunity to try out a new networking tool: ConnexMe. The organizers wanted to really involve their participants as well as encourage them to communicate and work in teams. Céline Carreras, head of internal communication, let us know what she thought of ConnexMe based on her experience at this large internal gathering.

‘The event had to be collaborative in nature to encourage the attendees to communicate with each other and make sure they really gain from the event.’

We had several objectives when holding this event. We wanted the attendees to think about the strategy that the company’s management presented to them, and we also hoped that they would meet each other and get used to working together. The event format oscillated between general presentations and team-building workshops. The collaborative aspect of this event was extremely important to us. This is why we used Evenium’s ConnexMe mobile app for the first time.

‘Using ConnexMe to organize votes before the event really immerses the guests in the event and also lets us gather information in the build-up to the event.’

Two weeks before the event started we started sending daily questions to our attendees by email and asked them to respond on ConnexMe. Making the guests participate before the Management Forum had even begun gave them the chance to test out the event app – that way they were already used to using it by the time the event started. This also allowed us to compile the content mentioned in the presentations that the heads of department delivered at the event.

‘ConnexMe helped us bring a collaborative element both to general presentations and to team-building workshops.’

This was the first time that we used a tool to bring a collaborative dimension to our event. When we chose ConnexMe we had only considered using it during general presentations to display attendees’ comments on the main screen – we ended up going slightly further. The consulting firm we worked with to organize the event suggested using ConnexMe to liven up our workshops, so we used the app to organize lots of polls during these workshops.

During the workshops we grouped attendees into tables of six to eight people. All in all we had 40 tables, and each one had an iPad in the middle. The guests were asked to think about one of the four themes discussed (eg. ”how to handle responsibility”) and each table had to answer the question on ConnexMe. The different feedback on the four themes were then put together and presented as word clouds. At the end of the event, the heads of the departments concerned talked about the ideals put forward by the guests.

‘A useful tool for gathering the content produced during an event.’

At the end of the event, the consulting firm that co-organized the event was able to use the information gathered by ConnexMe (poll results etc.) to sum up the event’s key points. The app is an excellent data-gathering tool.