Advice from Alcatel-Lucent on how to organize a customer impacting event

Advice from Alcatel-Lucent on how to organize a customer impacting event

When a major company and a renowned event agency work hand in hand to organise an event the result can be remarkable. This was the case for the Global Executive Partner Days organised by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise in cooperation with the Venise event agency. Corinne Uzan, Events & Conference Manager at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, and Thibault Dougados, Associate Executive Director at Venise events, have agreed to share their experience. Here is what they had to say.

– Can you tell us a bit more about the event?

Corinne Uzan : We reached out to Venise Events to organize a three-day event from February 10th to 13th – bringing together our key partners as well as Alcatel-Lucent’s Account managers and Board members. Close to 600 people from all over the world attended the event.

– During this event you opted to use a mobile event app, why is that?

Thibault Dougados : We are working with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise on several events and have done so for several years now, we try to offer new tools to the participants in order for them to enjoy a brand new experience.
Corinne Uzan : Yes, Venise events had previously asked if we wanted to use the app and this event seemed to be the perfect opportunity to try it out. We wanted to create a community around the event and actively engage our participants.

– This was a new tool for your participants, how did you manage to make them adopt it?

Corinne Uzan : Yes, it was a new tool for the participants, we had to support them in order to make them understand its advantage and adopt it. However, the guests are used to handling smartphones so it went well.
Thibault Dougados : Indeed, there was some support work. First of all, before the event, we sent an email explaining the app to the guests. Then, two days before the event, we sent them a detailed document, kind of a ‘ConnexMe for Dummies’ explaining the app. All in all, once they arrived on the day of the event, two people – an Evenium Project Manager and an employee from the agency – welcomed the participants and asked them if they had installed the app.

– Did everyone eventually use the app?

Corinne Uzan : Yes ! The “geekiest” ones had already installed the app even before the event and some of them had started to post some messages on the app. Others had to be persuaded a little more but eventually 100% of the participants present used it.

– Which features were the most appreciated?

Thibault Dougados : As an organizer, we used the “push” notifications a lot in order to send reminders, such as “The meeting will start in 10 minutes” or “do not forget the dress code of the evening”. It is quite convenient to be able to remind our guest of the program and all the important information not to be missed ! The real advantage is the “Live Feed” tab because at all times, for plenaries or during breaks, the participants could see the comments from the other guests.

– And what about the participant side?

Thibault Dougados : The participants actively used the personalized agenda as well as the private messages.
Corinne Uzan : That’s true, they sent each other many private messages, they ‘liked” each other a lot and planned meetings through the app. The “networking” feature of the app worked very well ! The previous years we organised some meeting points but the app is a real advantage.

– Are you considering using ConnexMe on your event next year?

Corinne Uzan : Most definitely, and we would like to go further with this tool, using even more features, such as launching more votes for example.