You know you are an event organizer when…

You know you are an event organizer when…


We hope that this first series of illustrations of an event organiser’s life was enjoyable.

Please find a new serie of “You know you’re event organiser when ...” illustrations on our blog!
Do not hesitate to share your experiences, we will illustrate them through visuals 🙂


The Evenium Team.

  • Maureen Spinney

    Funny! The scenarios could be endless!

  • Deborah Sellers

    So very funny. Most of my friends don’t understand how crazy events management can be. I’ll put this on FB and maybe this visual will give them a better idea!

  • Gerri

    You are so right with your illustrations and situations. They all happen and more. Thanks for sharing.

  • Brandt Krueger

    How about, “Hey, I know we start in one minute, but I have just a >few< small changes to my presentation, OK?"

  • Thanks a lot for sharing your experience
    with us!! We’ll probably use your suggestion in the future 🙂