Keeping Participation at the Heart of Strategy: Xavier Fontanet comes to Evenium

Keeping Participation at the Heart of Strategy: Xavier Fontanet comes to Evenium

Tonight is the night, and we all hardly contain our excitement. We’re thrilled to be able to announce that we’ll be welcoming Xavier Fontanet to our French offices this evening. Mr Fontanet is a former CEO of Essilor, whose work led him to be elected Manager of the Year in 2011 by an international jury. Between 7:00 and 9:00 this evening, Mr Fontanet will be joining us to talk strategy.

What does this really mean for Evenium? There can be a tendency, when we think about business strategy, to envisage a 1980s ‘big boss’ dictating strategy from the top down. This goes against everything we believe – it’s an outdated view that disincentivises competitiveness and goes against our spirit of innovation. Strategy, according to Mr Fontanet, should be at the heart of what everyone in an enterprise does: each employee has a vital and valuable contribution to make.

Xavier Fontanet published his eBook earlier this year, which seeks to democratise strategy for all. Entitled ‘Les 12 clés de la Stratégie’ (The Twelve Keys to Business Strategy), it is an interactive learning experience. We believe in Xavier’s strategy: he suggests that at meetings, events and training sessions, it is highly necessary to ensure that every participant gets involved and has the opportunity to share their ideas. We try to apply this strategy to everything we do, both in our own work and in the events that we organise. Each individual should be able to have the floor, in an interactive atmosphere which promotes active engagement. Our technology solutions help to facilitate this. Most of all, we believe that participation should be at the heart of corporate strategy.

This evening, Xavier will be joining the Evenium team for an open discussion and dinner, at which everyone is invited to contribute. The discussion will be broadcasted live online, so that participants will be able to interact via the application Evenium ConnexMe. All exchanges will be recorded and braodcasted through a separate streaming audio application.

The keys to competitiveness and successful strategy lie in participation and sharing. We look forward to Xavier’s arrival and for this exciting opportunity for the Evenium team. It’s going to be a night to remember!