Deliver Memorable Presentations Has Never Been Easier

Deliver Memorable Presentations Has Never Been Easier

Good news! Your speakers will love our latest innovation!

Last month, our development team worked hard to offer your speakers and presenters a simple and functional interface so that they can efficiently and autonomously manage the interactions during their presentation.

This new management interface allows you to control the display of on-screen comments, manage the votes and polls in one click. You can easily navigate the different menus and orchestrate all of the interaction from the same interface.

The “Comments” tab, allows you to identify the comments of the room which were the most popular, and having the greater number of “likes”. To discover them easily, filter the comments with the “Hot” filter. You can also choose your favorite comments and display them on the presentation screen during the Q&A session at the end of the presentation.


Use the “Polls/Votes” tab to create new questions in advance. It allows you to easily organize your polls, modify them at any time, and to launch them and display the results whenever you like.
You can even export all of the results with ease.


The speakers will be happy to be able to manage their presentations so easily. Interactions will be increased tenfold!

The Evenium team