How to use Social Media for your Event – Part 4

How to use Social Media for your Event – Part 4

This is the second to last article in our guest post series ‘Keys to Social Media and your Events’ written by Hervé Kabla.

With Evenium ConnexMe, you can increase guest participation and involvement of bloggers at your event. With the application, participants can share tweets and comments which are also instantly projected on the main event screen. Guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser!

The application allows every participant to connect to their Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook accounts to post questions/comments which show up instantaneously on the event screen as well as on your social networks. Also, each slide is immediately uploaded by the ConnexMe app and can be instantly shared by participants. It is also possible to conduct surveys and share the results in real time on both the screen and the app.

All comments and questions sent by participants are stored in the app on a timeline, including all comments via ConnexMe, Tweets associated with hashtags for the event and slides captured during the presentation…making it really easy to reference back to something specific.

So the next question is: What will you need for this to be possible at your conference? It’s easy! An internet connection of either 3G or WiFi will be required. To keep all Tweets organized, use the hashtag feature. What this does is allow you to tag all the tweets from your event by using a keyword or acronym that allows everyone to know these are tweets from one specific event. For example, for the World Wide Web Conference 2012, the hashtag ‘#www2012 who won’ was used which is very explicit and easy to comprehend.

Twitter offers many advantages at an event including further media exposure making your event a trendy topic. Also with Twitter and ConnexMe, people who follow your event but couldn’t be present can interact at a distance. Therefore, it’s really important to integrate during your event. Of course at the end of your event,  all of your tweets with your hashtag can be found via tools like TweetDoc or TweetReach (free up to 1500 tweets), letting you measure the progress of the audience following your events.