The impact of Social Media on Trade Shows’ organization, by Michael J. Shapiro

How Social Media has transformed Trade Shows planning ?

In this article titled “How Social Media Has Transformed Trade Shows ?“, the author Michael J. Shapiro summarizes the situation as following:

“Social media activity at one of the world’s largest trade shows skyrocketed this year: Ten times more people contributed information and commentary through the handful of active platforms than did at the previous event. Was it a show known for its youthful crowd or cutting-edge consumer gadgetry? Not at all: It was September’s International Manufacturing Technology Show. […] Clearly, the masses have embraced social media; for trade show organizers, it’s just a matter of learning how best to use it.”

How to improve your events’ efficiency through those Social Media ?

Michael J. Shapiro lists 6 key-points :

1. Although the Trade Show lasts only a few days, you have to consider the 365 days of conversational approach with the guests
2. Work on several Social Media platforms and adapt your strategy according to the event stage (give more detailed information a few days before the event, and so on).
3. Plan the posts in an well organized way so that you’ll “prepare the guests’ spontaneity during the event.
4. Encourage an authentic and engaged conversation between the guests in order to establish relationships and trust.
5. Give to your participants an interactive tool that goes beyond an attending guests’ list (in this regard, the mobile application Evenium ConnexMe brings a real added value to the guests !)
6. Make sure you maintain the conversation even after the event.

In other words, we invite you to read this very interesting and comprehensive article !

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