The Consumer Goods Forum has chosen Evenium

The Consumer Goods Forum has chosen Evenium

The international association of consumer goods professionals, the Consumer Goods Forum, uses various Evenium solutions to manage invitations, networking and interactivity for its events. Werner Dähne, responsible for the organization of events for the association, talks to us about the Evenium solutions.

We have been working with Evenium for many years now. At the beginning, we organized a tender to find a solution to manage registrations for our events in a collaborative and transparent manner. An agency then suggested that we use Evenium’s Facility platform, a complete and efficient online event management solution. Since then, we have always worked with Evenium to manage invitations and registrations for our events.

We now use the Evenium Net solution to create our event websites, send our invitations and manage registrations. Evenium suggested a move from Facility to their Net platform, a product which is regularly updated and often offers new modules and developments.

Founded in 1953, The Consumer Goods Forum is an international association that brings together professionals in the consumer goods sector. We organize events throughout the year and the four corners of the world for all our members. Guests have varied profiles, positions and responsibilities – logistics directors, CEOs of major international groups of distribution, etc.

With Net, one can easily create the agenda for an event. It is very complete and easy to integrate into our external sites; it is a true asset! The other big strong point of Evenium Net’s online registration management solution is that it integrates with the ConnexMe mobile app, which allows us to increase interactivity and improve networking. In addition, Evenium continues to develop its solutions so that they fit with other solutions we use, such as Salesforce. It is a big plus!

In conclusion, I would like to strongly recommend the use of Evenium’s solutions. And if you have any questions, contact their customer service, they are extremely responsive!