Success story: FKOM, an SAP event

Success story: FKOM, an SAP event

The event:

Every year SAP gathers all of their European employees together for a week. This year more than 5,000 people met at Barcelona from 21-25 January 2013 for five days of presentations, training and fun.

What they needed then:

SAP wanted to make their event more interactive in order to promote interaction, to make their participants more active during presentations and to allow speakers to learn from their audience.
The event organizers chose the application Evenium ConnexMe to fulfill these needs.



 What they thought of it:

‘The biggest strength of ConnexMe is its ease of use: both for participants and organizers. There is no need for any specific equipment and it works on all types of devices.’

‘This year, we wanted to organize a different type of event which would allow the employees to participate actively. My managers gave me a free rein to find an appropriate tool for this. The choice was easy because the application ConnexMe responds perfectly to our needs, is easy to use and there is barely anything you need to do to set it up.

I then presented the application to my colleagues as well as to future presenters and participants. Communication is the key to success. In my opinion, it was essential to tell people about the application before the event even started.
Several speakers voiced concerns about the participants’ messages appearing on the main screen. They feared that the comments wouldn’t be that important and that they would detract attention from their audience. They had forgotten that when you’re having fun, you remember more! It was easy to win them over and certain speakers based their entire presentations on using ConnexMe. I was able to use it to organize last minute polls during the presentations themselves. Even our President, who hadn’t been fully briefed on the application, wanted to use it. During his presentation, he looked at the questions posted to the main screen and selected some to reply to.
As for the participants, they began using the app even before the event had started. They made particular use of the app to communicate with one another. During the event, they posted nearly 900 comments and registered 3,488 votes. The participants were genuinely felt more involved, the event was a real success.’

– Sylvie LACHKAR, Sales Education Lead, SAP Sales University EMEA & MEE

‘I was really impressed by the increased interaction with the audience using ConnexMe. During my speech I could see comments and questions and respond immediately if I wanted. I could also view poll results in real time. ConnexMe is a great way to connect with your audience.’

– Franck COHEN, President, SAP Europe Middle East & Africa