Successful events don’t make guests wait in line…

Successful events don’t make guests wait in line…

At events, attendees tend to arrive in waves and most of the time, the largest wave blows in right before the start of the opening. You definitely don’t want your guests to stand in line and miss your event opening. This would lead to a complete dissatisfaction and tarnish their view of your whole event.

Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions! So, what is the best way to welcome your guests and set up a flawless check-in process?

1. Use a registration process to know your guests

Preparation and organization before your event is the key!

Use a registration system, for example . This offers registration and ticketing solutions, to get answers to questions needed ahead of time. Who are your guests? What sessions are they attending? Will they have lunch? Etc.

You need to know who your guests will be before the event starts so you get everything perfectly prepared for their arrival (counter, staff, signage, goodies etc.).

Quick tip: Best of all, registration systems allow you to send e-badges to your participants with QR-codes. Let them know they need to print it for the day of the event and check-in will be a really quick process!

2.Checking lists take too much time, let technology do the work!

How can you identify your guests easily and quickly as they are checking in? Are they VIP? Do they have a balance due? Do they get special treatments or information packs?

Think about it – armed with tablets equipped with a check-in application such as Evenium OnSite, your staff will be able to check in guests in the blink of an eye.

All they have to do is scan the QR Code on the e-badge and guide them through the event. It’s jiffy, it’s easy!

And the best part of check-in apps is that all of your data is input (stored) into your database,  and synced in real time. It gives you an instant insight into your event statistics: who has arrived, how many people are attending, etc. (Perfect! you will be able to adapt your workshop and seating plan!). And you’ll avoid any possible fraud!

Quick tip: Thanks to the system you can identify who is missing and send your guests event reminders. You will thus lower your no-show rate.

3. Eliminate A-F line, set up a “production line”

From our experience, we recommend you split your counters by purpose instead of alphabetical order. This way, guests will be better spread amongst the lines.

For example, create a section for those who register in advance, one for pending payments and a section where you will deal with exceptions. Exceptions are often the bottlenecks of your lines where your guests are waiting around while your hostesses could have checked in two or three other guests.

Also get a complete separate check-in area for your “VIPs” – you might not want your speakers, executives or sponsors waiting in line.

Quick tip: having a hostess for each task has proven to be a good method. Guests don’t feel like they are waiting for a long time and, as each staff member has a specific role, they can get really good at it and check in people in no time!

Quick tip 2: Designate a member of your staff as line monitor. During particularly busy times, have your line monitor walk up the line, informing and directing your attendees to the right counter.

4. Make your staff happy!

Check-in apps are really easy. Your staff will love you for making their day less stressful.

You’ll only need to brief your staff the day before the event and get them to physically test the check-in system. Again It’s quick, it’s easy!

Think of all the worst case scenarios a couple weeks before and hand your staff a reference sheet to which they can refer. Educate them so that they can answer questions without constantly checking with you or someone else from the organization (you have too many things to take care of!).

Quick tip: you should count one hostess for every 100 attendees.

To conclude, make your check-in process a streamlined process, make your staff’s life that much easier and make your guests feel like they are all VIPs. You can be sure your participants will have a great time at the event!