Start Online !

Today we have some reading for you, with a new blog post from the Event Manager Blog  “The Contaminated Concept” by Julius Solaris

In concrete terms, an event has to start online, on virtual communities.

According to him, social media increases the success of virtual communities and influences the way members interact in them.

In other words, the Contaminated Concept event is designed around online communities, and it is successful because it was started online.

Simply put, social media in a Contaminated Concept is at the beginning of the event design process, not at the end. Meeting people online first, makes the face to face meeting even more powerful. 

So why start online ? Is it possible ? How to do it ?

The author then proposes 5 case studies answering these questions and proving to us the interest of this new concept for event organisers.

For more detail on the Contaminated Concept, read the article on the Event Manager Blog.