How to use Social Media for your Event – Part 1

How to use Social Media for your Event – Part 1

Hervé Kabla, Social Media expert, has offered us his advice on how to use social media for your events which we’ll be sharing with you over a series of 5 posts. Stay tuned over the following weeks to read them all…

In France alone the event industry brought in around 2.5 billion Euros in 2011, making it one of the highest grossing industries. Not only does this encompass event planning companies and their service providers, but any company who has organized an event at all, big or small.

Like most industries today, event management is greatly affected by the social media wave. This can be a great opportunity for companies, yet with so many options it can be quite overwhelming where to start. Here I will share with you 5 key usages of social media for your events, using my own personal examples from my company, Media Aces Association.

Part 1 – Choosing the best web 2.0 platform ( )

Events are social acts in themselves. After all, events are an essential part of society, bringing together people with similar interests. Prior to about 2010, event organizers didn’t really have the necessapry social tools to really drive their event. Invitations and tickets were done using simple technology until very recently. Event platforms, such as, came about, allowing people to promote their events in a truly social manner.

Think of these platforms as the “central nervous system” of your event allowing you to send out invitations, promote your event with social networks, and encouraging interaction between participants. There are two main aspects to having such a great tool at your disposal:

  • The back office: It’s really important that you choose a platform that has easy to use features such as creating questionnaires, tracking your attendees and managing your personalized event site. It’s also important that it has the ability to store guest lists from previous events, should you want to invite them to a future event. Another thing to consider is a secure online payment system, allowing your attendees to easily and safely pay online. Check out more of Evenium’s features.
  • Your personalized event site : This is where participants will register for the event, request information, etc. It needs to be easy to personalize with your company logo, banner…It must also integrate a directory of all participants to allow them to find friends/colleagues or to use it as a networking tool.