Pinterest … the Rising Star of Social Media!

Pinterest … the Rising Star of Social Media!

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest by now… you might as well have been living under a huge rock for the past 2 months!

But for the late runners, we have a little reminder in store! Pinterest is the super-duper-fun-and-totally-addictive-website where everyone can “pin” their “interests”. It’s all about collecting, sharing and organizing great images and videos that you feel should be shown to the world. 12 million users are already hooked on Pinterest…Are you one of them?

If you are anything like us, and care about awesome content, you’ll be excited by the fact that Pinterest makes it available for you to showcase and share this content in the best way possible (well for now, because who knows what the future of social media holds!). The site gives a whole new dimension to displaying your thoughts, your must-haves and your favorite things. Nowadays, it’s all about how people convey information through visualisation; the prettier it is, the easier and better it sticks in people’s minds.

Why we like it? Because Pinterest and Evenium share the same values. At Evenium, we want the content of an event to be emphasised, shared, spread and reviewed by the participants. We want the content to federate the assembly and create interaction.

So, here’s the formula to remember: PINTEREST = AWESOME!

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