Personalize your registration form!

Personalize your registration form!

* Collect information on your guests

* Adapt your event according to your participants expectations. 

* Provide a great and personalised service

Tips : the customisable registration form is very often used by organisers who wish to know more about their guests – it can be used to find out their T-shirt size, diet etc.

Want to find out more information about your guests? The registration form of on your website can help. Begin with the questions we have already prepared for you, then start addeing your own personalised ones. This tool enables you to collect useful information about your guests, like their preferences and interests, so that you can taylor your event exactly to their needs!

Once you create your account, there remains a few steps to open up your ticket shop. One of these steps is the editing of the registration form, that will allow you to know more about your guests.

To start off, log on to your account and choose the event you want to personalise. Once redirected to your back-office, click on :

Configuration > Guest Registration Settings > Customise Registration Form

Here you will see the standard fields:

Click on the button ‘add a personal field’ to further customise the form – you can add or remove options such as Address or Job Title, as well as adding your own text:

Tip n°1: Using this option, you can specify the closing date for the registration.

You can also add your own questions, with a choice of formats (drop down menu, multiple choice) by clicking on ‘add a question’ :

Tip n°2: If you’ re hiring a caterer for your event, ask your guests if they have allergies to certain foods. Collect their answers and give specific directions to the caterer, he’ll then be able to satisfy everybody!

Finally, to rearrange the order of your questions, hover over the right-hand side and drag and drop to resposition:

When you have personalised your form, be sure to save it, preview it and then test it, to make sure that everything runs as you want it to. With the information you gather from your guests, you can taylor the event exactly to their needs!

Questions? Write us to or on twitter @evenium !