Part 1 – Business cards: exchange and file them in under a second!

Part 1 – Business cards: exchange and file them in under a second!

When you’re organizing an event, you tend to spend a lot of time making sure that you create the most complete and relevant content possible. It is of course a vital aspect, but the importance of networking should not be underestimated at its expense. One of the main incentives driving your participants to attend your event is the opportunity to meet new people, thus broadening their professional network. Please find below our top tips for helping your guests network efficiently.

Business cards are a pivotal part of networking. They enable professionals to quickly exchange contact details and stay in contact following the event. Nonetheless, it is not quite a perfect solution, as you always need to have your business card at hand to be able to hand it out when asked to do so. You also have to make sure not to misplace those that you have received. Make your guests’ lives easier. Help them exchange business cards with the event mobile app ConnexMe. Read on to see how it works…

1/ Fill in the information on your business card

All of your guests have a business card on the app which already contains their name and e-mail address. They can, if they so desire, add further information like their job title, company, phone number etc. They can control what information is sent, and can change said information whenever they want to in the ‘My profile’  part of the app.

Business card example

2/ Scan the business cards belonging to people who you want to stay in contact with

With the ConnexMe app, your participant will be able to scan the badge belonging to the person they want to exchange business cards with.

Business card scan

3/ Access the business cards online

Everyone receives the business cards they have been offered as e-mails. Gone are the times of business cards lost forever, long live new technology!

Business Card on ConnexMe

Networking is a key ingredient for success. Make use of new technologies to make it easier!