#2 – Organize the Perfect Conference

#2 – Organize the Perfect Conference

Create an interactive environment…

In part 1 we discussed the logistics of choosing a date, location, speakers, etc. In part 2 we share some advice on fostering interaction at your event. 

How will your conference stand out from the crowd?
What are the vital elements to create a conference that will be remembered? One of the huge progressions of recent years in event management is the shift towards a more interactive, multi directional conference.

Here are several things to remember:

Think of the participants needs
– Allocate limited time slots for speakers and arrange them in a balanced way i.e start and end with your best content; take advantage of downtime with workshops and discussion groups.
– Ensure that each presenter is well prepared with visual aids and encourage them to have their audience participate with questions and comments
– Take breaks for Q&A sessions after each topic discussed. This allows guests to interact directly with presenters while the material is fresh in their head.
– Allow time for discussion breaks so participants can talk and network amongst one another.
– Provide workshops in small groups so your guests can share ideas on a specific topic. Small groups permit everyone to have a voice and it is a good opportunity for them to express themselves more freely.

Learn from social networks
According to a study from Médiamétrie, 99% of French Internet users are familiar with at least one social network and 77% of them belong to at least one. Social networks are as successful as they are because they allow for self-expression, interaction with other users and content sharing.

So, why not transfer this idea into your conference strategy? Give your guests a personal experience – the opportunity to express their opinions, share their experience from the event in real time and expand their networks.
The ConnexMe application allows participants to comment on slides in real time on the main screen, participate in polls and surveys and to connect with other guests before, during and after the event.
Remember, guest participation is crucial for an event which will be remembered and talked about in the future. Active contribution gives participants control over their conference experience and learning.

Innovation vs Comfort
You have the choice of repeating last year’s event because you know it worked, or stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Choose the best elements from previous events and surprise your guests with something innovative so they gain more and leave with a lasting impression.