Organize a Photography Exhibition in 8 Steps

Organize a Photography Exhibition in 8 Steps

Are you a budding photographer looking to bring your work out into the world?
Gather some like-minded friends together and organise an exhibition to show off your work.
Here are some steps to guide you through the process.

1. Location

Take time to visit a number of venues in your area such as town halls, libraries, restaurants, schools etc. Ask questions: who is responsible for fire or theft? Most local institutions should let you hang your work for free, but make you you check financial arrangements. If you are planning on getting your work into a ‘known’ gallery – go and see them. A phone call will not make the cut. And don’t be afraid of rejection.

2. Analyse the space.

And adapt your work to it. Resist the temptation to pack out a small space with all your work just because you can’t bear to leave a piece out. Organise your work by theme or period, and remember, less is more.

3. Presentation is everything

Ready made frames? Spray-mount? The presentation of your work will tell a huge amount about you as an artist. Spend a little bit extra on presentation and your artistic reputation will benefit in the long run.

4. But make friends to save money

Get to know printers and framers, or at least strike up a friendly rapport with those in your area – this will make your life much easier in the long run as presenting photos well is not a cheap practice.

5. Planning on selling your prints

Make a spreadsheet clearly pricing each print which you can leave on location when you’re not there.

6. Decide who to invite

So you’re ready for your exhibition to be seen? Decide a date for your opening night and decide who you’d like to be there. You can use to import your contacts, send out invitations, and monitor registration.

7. Promotion – if your exhibition is public

Firstly, if you are good at graphic design, or happen to be friendly with someone who is, create a poster for your exhibition adhering exactly to your style. It is imperative to create quality promotional materials as it creates the first impression of your exhibition.

Secondly, publish details of your exhibition online to get your event out to a wide audience.

Create a personalised website with, adding your own images, and get this URL out there. Create a Facebook Page, a Twitter and Pinterest account for yourself as an artist – you could post things that inspire your work, quotes or facts that are in line with your vision to give visitors an idea of you as an artist and to keep them interested. Always link back to your event-site and you’ll spark plenty of interest in no time at all.

8. Set-up and launch

Make sure you leave plenty of time for unexpected complications and get curating. Once you are happy with the result, sit back, relax, and look forward to chatting to your visitors about your work – and most importantly, look forward to a repeat next year!

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