OMG, Variable Fees On Your Tickets?!? Fix These Expenses ASAP!

OMG, Variable Fees On Your Tickets?!? Fix These Expenses ASAP!

Are you paying a fair price for your ticketing system?
Probably not! So FIX it!

Many ticketing solutions have a very complex price structure, where everything is done to blur what you pay.

First, don’t accept to pay any subscription in addition to fees per ticket: if the solution is well done and allows you to be fully autonomous, why would you pay a subscription or a setup cost?


Then, the most common catch: fees for service depend upon the ticket price.

Would you accept to put a more expensive stamp on an envelope just because there is a check in it? Would you pay the exact same suitcase twice the price just because you will carry bills in it?

Well, this tone has been set by Eventbrite and Amiando: they charge you a $1 fixed fee PLUS 2.5% or 3% of the ticket price just for their service, in addition to the payment fees: you end up with $1 + 5.5% or 6%, plus taxes in some cases.

My point of view is: you deserve better.


At Evenium, we love to design the best solutions for the most affordable price, so organizers can use them for all their events.

Our price model is clear and simple: $1 USD (or 1 EUR, see international rates) whatever the price of your ticket.

If you have your own Paypal account that’s all you will pay to us.
If you want us to manage the card payment, it’s 3% of the amount. Hopefully one day the banking system will also provide fixed fees!

… AND A BETTER SOLUTION, our social ticketing platform, is bundled with the amazing ConnexMe app for your attendees, to boost networking and interactivity at your event.

All for the same price.


Check it out and try for free!