New features on

New features on, your online solution for the management of your registrations and invitations, is constantly evolving to meet all of your needs. Discover all of the new features we have developed to simplify your life.

Easily organize the collection of donations and your non-profit events on

With the new system of donation collection, your participants choose the amount they wish to pay to participate to your event. It’s easy to set up: when you create your tickets for your event, you need to indicate whether it is free, paying or if you wish for it to be a donation.

Modify the selected payment mode

It is now possible to pay online an offline pending order. Therefore, if your participants wish to pay by check however, you have not received anything by the day of the event. You can get your participants to pay directly online when they arrive.

Integrate your ticketing .net on your websites

Integrate your ticketing on your website, only the ticket ordering zone will be displayed and you can choose the ticket type.

Take advantage of our advanced participant categorization

Add fields in your admin interface to add information on your participants.
These categories are only visible to the administrators. You can create different categories (Journalist, spoken language, etc) and select the concerned participants. Directly import your contacts from your excel document. Delete or add fields at your convenience, its easy.

Control the collaborative access

Choose who, from your organizer contacts, receives or not the replies from guests.

Manage the order of tickets directly from the participants profile

Even if an order comprises of different tickets, you can manage them individually by clicking on the participants profile. You can then indicate that the payment has been received, whether or not their order has been accepted. All the actions brought on one of tickets will not impact the rest of the ticket order.

Personalize your ConnexMe Emails

Add your banner, text or deactivate certain zones etc. Create your personal emails.

Easily find your invoices

Easily find your invoices by filtering by billing address. Export the emitted invoices in a given country or by a specific client.

Come discover all of the new fonctionalities by creating your event on