Make a great impression right from the word go !

Make a great impression right from the word go !

The day of the event can often be very hectic for the organiser. Sometimes you just don’t know where to start! Logistics, last minute meetings, staff briefings – the list goes on. It is easy to forget that what matters the most is the first impression made on a guest. In other words, the reception can make or break your event. 

Now, thanks to a new and improved version of our application ‘Evenium Onsite’, you can offer your guests a mobile and professional reception on an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.

Once the mobile app is downloaded onto your device, check-in is quick and easy. Simply scan your guests’ QR tags (displayed on their e-tickets) to register them and print their badges. Even if a guest doesn’t have an e-ticket the process is simple: the hostess can just search for the guest in the mobile guest list and register them manually.

Watch the video below for more details on the Evenium OnSite application.Alternatively, email us for more information at