#3 – Organize the Perfect Conference

#3 – Organize the Perfect Conference

Part 3 in Organizing the Perfect Conference

The big day is approaching so be sure to have a clearly written plan of what to do in the weeks prior to your event so you will feel at ease right to the very end. You can now check off location, speakers and registration system as we discussed in part 1 and part 2. Now you’re almost there but here are some important things to remember.

2 – 3 weeks before the event…

Prep your speakers:

– Have a clear contract in terms of recording rights and putting the speaker’s name on your event materials.
– Brief your presenters over the phone and ask for a digital copy of the presentation. Save everything on a USB drive should you need a back up.

Prepare the program:

– Determine who will welcome your guests. Using a fast an easy check-in system like Onsite allows the organizer to verify in real time who has checked in. Your guest list is stored for future use!

– Plan time slots for each speaker based on their material. Don’t forget to open and close with your strongest speakers who use the most visual aids. This will keep people interested towards the end when they might otherwise start to drift off.
– Don’t forget to allocate time in between presenters for workshops, discussion groups, coffee breaks and Q&A sessions. This is especially important in making your event more interactive.

– Upload your program to your Evenium event site which will then automatically be transferred to the ConnexMe application for your attendees to have access prior to the event. This way they won’t miss out on the presentations they’re most interested in.

Some extra details not to be overlooked..

– Do you need to set up VIP access for certain guests?

– What procedure do you need to follow for the Wifi to function properly? Do you need to give guests a passport to log on?

The day of…

– Check power levels of your equipment, keep extra batteries on hand and make sure there are power sockets easily accessible.

– Have a stock of extra important items such as extension cords, scotch tape, pens & paper, microphones, etc.

– before the start of the event have a test-run (sound, video projector…) to make sure everything will run smoothly once the guests arrive.

– provide timers for your speakers so they can easily manage if they are running over or not.

Remember that your goal is to have your participants interacting and feeling passionate about being at your event. Thanks to new technologies, it is much easier to achieve this goal. The ConnexMe application gives participants the possibility to network, interact and contribute and share content in real time, giving them a richer and more memorable experience.

Stay tuned next week for the 4th and final part in our conference organizing series!