Key #4: User Adoption Requires Very Simple Things | Highly Interactive Events

Key #4: User Adoption Requires Very Simple Things | Highly Interactive Events

This post is part of a series about interactivity in meetings “When Everybody Contributes, You Get Awesome Results: Boost Interactivity In Your Meetings, Trainings and Events!”. The introduction is here.


Interactivity is a snowball process. To make everybody contribute, you need to start with very simple things, and demonstrate how to go further incrementally.

Statistics show that the adoption of most event apps are below 10%. With ConnexMe, we reach 70% to 100%! Here is how.




First, access to the solution must be super simple and well explained. If you set up codes, make sure that all attendees can find it easily at any time. The best is to provide all registered attendees with automatic access, as we do in

Second, start enrolling your attendees with one-click actions. Polls are a great way to achieve this. You master when it starts, and attendees respond with one click. Plus it will give you great hints about the audience expectations.

How to digitally capture attendees reactions? With one click too!
We designed Opinion Buttons to allow participants to express their emotional and rational reactions with 2 + 2 buttons. No need to write sentences or wonder whether the phrase or spelling is correct. With one click of a button, attendees provide the essence of their reactions.

The next step is to use content to push interactivity further. When attendees can take notes on slides, and comment on top of the content, you get a great feedback that is straight to the point. As they have the context, they can add their contribution in a very clear and efficient way.

Finally, you can let people express themselves freely by typing text and posting pictures, to gain their full contribution.

Full two-way interactivity is simple to achieve with well-designed solutions, but will reach its full potential with adequate human support, and a trained presenter on stage.



Many attendees have not had the experience of full interactivity yet: it is still a disruption for them, that requires pedagogy.

Here are the 6 best steps to guide your attendees into your interactive world:

  1. Communicate before: explain in your emails and on your website how to connect and the basics of the capabilities. Don’t try to be exhaustive, put videos instead.
  2. Do some action to make them log into the app and start interacting. Either a question, or some networking challenge, e.g. “Connect with 10 people who are not from the same business unit”.
  3. At the beginning of each session, include a quick reminder of how to connect, in which room they are for break-out sessions, and encourage them to contribute. Typically, one slide displayed between every session and a few words from the presenter is enough, as previous sessions will naturally make the contributions grow.
  4. Start with a poll at the very beginning of your meeting.
  5. To set a good example, make sure you have early adopters in the room, or use some accomplices in the beginning, who will showcase what can be done, and unleash the creativity of the others.
  6. Have the Master of Ceremony quote many comments, and tell the name of their authors.



Explaining, showcasing, supporting, and starting with simple things are the common ingredients for innovation adoption.

In today setups, studies show that 90% of attendees remember less than 10% of the content after 30 days. No one can be satisfied with figures that low. There is a lot of room for improvement: social interaction and digitization are key to radically transform meeting efficiency.




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