How would you define a “participative event” ?

We talk a lot about it… But what does “participative event” really mean ?

According to Jeff Hurt, there are two definitions of it :
1. Conference organizers invite prospective attendees to participate in the development, design and planning of a conference experience.

2. Conference organizers design a conference experience using an intentional internal design process however once the conference begins, it helps attendees to contribute, participate and interact.

The outcomes : whereas in the first case, the event format is centered onto the speaker and his skills, the second option focuses on participants and their dynamic event experience, thus enabling them to interact at anytime, ask their questions and debate over the issues during the event.

The organizer’s challenges :
1st situation :
– To find a speaker appreciated by a majority of the audience
– To implement innovative processes in terms of event experiencial design

2nd situation :
– To motivate successfully the guests so that they actively contribute to the event
– To choose a speaker who is at ease with using audience participation

Conclusion : “Participatory design” v.s. “Design for participation” : both are necessary ! It’s working like this at Evenium : the guest’s expectations are taken into account via customized registration forms (participatory design). Besides, the Evenium ConnexMe app meets the needs of a “design for participation”.

Click here to read the whole article on Jeff Hurt’s blog.