Twitter to the rescue!

Twitter to the rescue!

How to use Twitter to promote your event

Now that you have created your event website and ticketing-service on, it’s time to start making the most of social media. Amongst other social media, Twitter is particularly effective in getting your event out there.

Events marketing is about getting news of your event out to the right people; those who will be interested in your event and will bring something that little bit different to it.

Step 1 : Create a Twitter page for your event

– Always add a personalised background, or a photo if you prefer – your Twitter page will feel more personal to those taking a look, and they’ll be more likely to want to follow it.

– Use your Twitter ID: put the link to your event site on your Twitter page. Then put your TwitterID on anything and everything. This way, people will see your event on Twitter and can click straight onto your event website where they will discover more about it, and most importantly, reserve their places.

Step 2 : Target your audience

– A great way to actively target the best audience for your event is to use Twellow, which is in effect a Twitter directory. This sorts users into categories, enabling you to search for people under the ones which correspond to your event-type.

– Don’t just post on Twitter – spend as much time searching for potential guests as you spend posting about your event. This is a much more efficient way to get your event out to your target audience.

– When browsing Twitter itself, pay attention to users’ hashtags – these will give you an idea of the sort of things they’re interested in.

The more people that have a look at your event and find it interesting = the more platforms you have for promotion.

Step 3 Connect with your audience 

After all, social media is about connecting with people rather than just posting your event around the web. People that become interested will be likely to post your event on to others – if just 10% of a following of 5,000 people take notice of someone tweet about your event, that’s already 500 people who could be interested in buying tickets

Step 4Tweet attendance registration

There’s nothing like letting potential guests know how popular your event is getting, and it will also convey a sense of urgency to book tickets – every time a ticket has been taken, post it on Twitter. Keep a running total. Make sure you link clearly to your ticketing-service page so that people have easy access to book.

Finally…INTERACT! Social media is named so for a reason, so take advantage of it, respond to posts about your events, strike up conversation with followers and bring your event to life.

Around 140 million Tweets are sent out each day – get your event onto some of them!