Spread the word!

Spread the word!

How to promote your event using Evenium.net

* Increase the visibility of your event
* Share your event on the social networks
* Create buzz around the event

The combination of Evenium.net and social media makes for the most effective method of event promotion available. Once you have the link to your Evenium.net event site and ticket-office the possibilities are endless. Here are the 4 best ways to maximise promotion:

 1. Evenium.net event website

The first step to getting your event out there is to create a great website for it, so that prospective guests can find out about and get a feel for your event. With Evenium.net’s help, you can bring together a banner, logo, images and personalised text to form an eye-catching and attractive site containing all the information for your event. If you have other websites or blogs, you can also embed your ticket-shop onto them!

2. Share the link everywhere – and especially on social networks

Once you have created your event-site you will have your own personalised evenium.net link, which is yours to share – so start getting it seen by prospective guests. 

If you haven’t already got one, create a Twitter page for your event and Tweet the link to your eventsite to all your followers. As people start to take notice and re-tweet your event page, the views will rapidly multiply along with your guest list. Here are some tips on promoting your event with Twitter.

Create a public Facebook Page for your event. Fill it with a brief desciption, then simply place your Evenium.net link on the Page and invite your social network to it. We recommend you to integrate your ticket-office into your Facebook pageFor one-to-one promotion to your contacts, copy the URL into private emails and send directly to your address book.

 3. Maximise the visibility of your event 

Choose the ‘public’ option so that your event shows up in search engines.

4. Visiters and future guests are your best promoters!

The great thing about social network sharing is that anyone can do it. This is why we strongly recommend to select the option to put the share widget on your event website.

Note : when you choose the option ‘public website’ , the share widget is automatically added to your event website. When you choose the ‘private website’ option, you’ll then have the choice to add it or not.

This allows anyone visiting your event site to share it with everyone they know, through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + with just one click. They can also share your event privately through email. In effect, you are recruiting an infinite number of promoters for your event!

Questions? Write us to support@evenium.net or on twitter @evenium !