Give your opinion in one click and take notes!

Give your opinion in one click and take notes!

Thank you Facebook!!! Thanks to its “Like” button, it is now common to freely express ourselves and give our opinion on any type of content.  Social networks have generalized the use of opinion buttons. YouTube allows us to say we “don’t like” a video.

Therefore, we are proud to announce that with Evenium ConnexMe, participants can freely express themselves during conferences and meetings thanks to the new opinion buttons. The inspiration?  the Occupy Wall Street protester hand signals. This system consisted of using specific hand signals to give feedback without interrupting the speaker.

The opinion buttons thus allow, in real time, to say whether we agree with the current subject or not. The participants of a conference can also ask for more information or even specify that they prefer that the topic was shorter.

This functionality is a great revolution for presenters and organizers alike. This allows them to obtain feedback in real time, adapt their presentations to meet the needs of the audience and thus give a richer experience to the participants.

But wait, there’s more! The Evenium ConnexMe application has been built with another great functionality. The participants can henceforth take notes during meetings, seminars and conferences. The new tool pallet allows you to circle, highlight and annotate slides.


We are still developing our functionalities and thinking of new ways of working together. So, stay tuned for future functions!

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The Evenium Team.



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