Give An Answer To All The Best Questions From Your Audience!

Give An Answer To All The Best Questions From Your Audience!

It is now easy to enhance the most relevant/appropriate comments from your participants! If you are too short on time, be assured you will answer the best questions praised by the audience.

How can you acknowledge every question from the participants and answer them? The most common solution consists in giving your participants the opportunity to speak up at the end of the event, or a presentation, during the very common Q&A session. Why not? Then again, questions are always left unanswered: timing is too short. How can you make sure you are giving voice to the participants that have the most relevant questions, the ones that every one in the room are wondering ?
Here is our advice!

1. Give your participants the option to ask questions at anytime:

By using Evenium’s ConnexMe app during your event, participants can actively engage by using their smartphones.

Comment on screen

2. Put together a “comment wall” by displaying live the participants’ comments on one of the room’s screen:

Show the participants that their questions are taken into account.
You are creating a bond with the guests. They can ‘like’ the questions and rank each other’s comments through the app. The comments that are most liked will be put forward.

Comments wall

3. Manage the comments instantly through the app’s back-office:

  • Pick out the best comments that you want to display on screen ; hide the ones the speaker has already answered.
  • Select a comment, display it on the big screen: your audience can see which question you are responding to, and the participant that has engaged feels empowered;
  • Easily retrieve the best comments: Filter the best comments for each hour, select them whenever you want by distinguishing them with a star.

Comments wall back office

Move towards a new model of Q&A! Enpower your guests by letting them express themselves at any time and make sure to address all their relevant questions and remarks during the event. Guest satisfaction is the key to success.