For your next presentation, do a better job than Steve!

For your next presentation, do a better job than Steve!

ongratulations! You’ve just been appointed as Keynote Speaker for this high-profile event.

People will travel, stop everything they are doing, spend a lot of their time, leave their family, maybe suffer from the expensive ticket, maybe make sacrifices just to come and listen to YOU.

Your honor and reputation are at stake: it’s your duty to deliver a great speech, it’s your duty to ensure your audience has a great experience, is moved, and learns a lot.
You may trigger action, they may spread your message, shape a community of ambassadors around your cause. What an opportunity!

Pressure and excitement… how to exceed the expectations?
You remember these so-common emotionless technical / financial / managerial presentations, flooded with details, agonizing from bullet-points, starving inspiration.

For sure, you won’t do that! You’re ready for the Show!
But is it really what participants expect from you? Is entertainment the only alternative to boredom?

Fortunately not! There is a another way, where you will make your audience more involved, where you create Engagement.

By delivering a great presentation AND make it interactive for your audience, you will be audience-centric and hit right on target.

Use polls, make them react, make them contribute and express themselves. Make them debate. Make them add their personal touch on top of your content.

People are used to interacting constantly: face-to-face, by phone, by sms, by email, through social networks. Their opinions matter, their voice counts, they have an impact.

What happens in traditional presentations? People are muzzled, mute.
The event is the same whether they attend or not. Their presence doesn’t have an impact. They could watch it on TV or the Internet, it wouldn’t be any different.

This cannot last. This is history. Participants don’t watch TV, they are here with you.
Celebrate their presence! Wake them up! Shake them! Move them!

Steve created the technology to achieve awesomeness, now it’s your turn to pull both levers to full potential: deliver a great presentation AND make people interact.
Be aware that people won’t interact if they don’t care, so prepare, rehearse, and rely on the best interactive technology!

Final notes:

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