Final Advice & Executive Summary | Highly Interactive Events

Final Advice & Executive Summary | Highly Interactive Events

This post is part of a series about interactivity in meetings ‘When Everybody Contributes, You Get Awesome Results: Boost Interactivity In Your Meetings, Trainings and Events!’. The introduction is here.


FINAL ADVICE / Executive Summary:

Engaging your participants is a progressive and incremental process, that requires several things to be done right. When well executed, the snowball effect of interactivity will bring your event to the next level in terms of impact and ROI.



To make your meeting, training or conference fully participatory, you need to activate the four levers of full two-way interactivity:

1/ QUALIFY your audience by launching polls

Good interactivity starts with simple things (see Key #4). Polls are very efficient, and will help you qualify who your audience is and what people want. You master when they start and stop.


2/ CAPTURE REACTIONS with 1-clicks

It is crucial to capture the instant feedback of the audience during speeches and presentations. With a live feedback loop, you can adjust and improve. As with polls, this must be feasible in 1 click, to keep attendees focus while getting a lot of feedback. Opinion buttons must address the emotional reactions as well as the rational ones.


3/ FULL INTERACTIVITY with comments

The next step is to allow people to express themselves freely at anytime, by typing questions and comments, or posting photos. As seen previously, to do it right and maximize their impact, you need to:
– Plan enough time for interactivity (see Key #1)
– Display the comments live (see Key #2)
– Merge comments and presentation on one screen
– Restrain from censoring or filtering (see Key #3)
– Train your speakers on how to structure their presentation to handle interactivity
– Train your MC to be a great spokesperson of the audience – this is the most important point!


4/ USE CONTENT to get more feedback

When participants get slides live and take notes on them, you get hugely relevant feedback on what was important for them or what was missing on your slides. With contextual feedback, you get more data, more relevance, and push two-way interactivity to its max.


A lot more great technologies are coming, and will push what is possible even further: Google Glasses, wearable computing, new social tools… keep posted!

We designed ConnexMe to be the answer to all these key factors, in a super-easy and packaged way. From 10-people trainings to events with dozen of break-out sessions and thousands of attendees. Give it a try (it’s free), we would love to help, interact, and get your own feedback!