Evenium.net : Our first users tell us their opinion!

Adrien Rosier acts as project leader and is responsible for the marketing of a Web 2.0 communications agency. Anthony Babkine is a specialist in online and offline communications; he teaches in higher education, giving lectures and holds conferences concerning online representation and Web 2.0. They are also the senior co-founders of an innovative events management agency in the south of Paris; the company works to place IT and social media at the heart of every event. Their book “Success in events organisation” was published by Eyrolles at the end of 2011. 

Today they answer some of our questions and give us their honest reviews on our solution Evenium.net.

You regularly organise events: in general, what would you say are the main issues and difficulties that you have to deal with?

The main issue in events organisation is time-management. The question is usually this: How do I maintain the focus on the quality of the event, shown in the welcome and the presentations, whilst at the same time succesfully managing the tasks which take up the most time? Setting up a mini event web-site, referencing it, managing the invitations, using ticket-services, making reservations and inscriptions; there are so many tasks which take a considerable amount of time to do, and which the organiser must manage as efficiently as possible in order be able to move on to dealing with the most important parts of the event: the guests and the content.

In your opinion, which factor(s) has Evenium.net responded to the best?

Evenium.net has proved itself to make everything easier! Using the Evenium.net platform for organising events allowed us to easily set up online promotion, and we were able to optimise our time effectively. What’s more, it allowed us to manage the ticketing automatically, to organise our guests into lists, to get in touch with them after the event, to collect their details in order to secure their loyalty after the day of the event, etc.

What else did Evenium.net bring to your event?

Not only did Evenium.net help us to organise everything effectively pre-event, it promotes interaction within the event using the mobile service Evenium ConnexMe. This application allows the sharing of information (tweets, slides, comments…), meaning that our guests were able to share content during the event, live and as it happened. Using Evenium.net, we had the means to make our conference much more interactive, which meant much more weight was added to the subjects spoken about in our event (Success in events thanks to Web 2.0). The Evenium platform promotes networking via the professional social network of each guest (Twitter, LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc.).

Any comments on the user experience, any criticisms, any suggestions…

This application for managing events is cutting-edge, very practical and complete. It is a tool that every events organiser, amateurs and professionals alike, should use from now on! Furthermore, you can use it free of charge when your event is free for your guests. In terms of the development of the product, we think that the potential of interconnection and virtual interaction between guests should continue to be explored and pursued. This is certainly the outstanding benefit of a tool like Evenium. In brief, this platform fixes events firmly in the Web 2.0 generation, and is accessible to everyone!

Thanks to Adrien Rosier and Anthony Babkine for their kind collaboration.

You can check out and follow Adrien Rosier on twitter : @drienRosier and on  www.adrienrosier.com, as well as Anthony Babkine @AnthonyBabkine and on www.anthonybabkine.com

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