Evenium ConnexMe, first impressions during the IT for Business forum

This April, Groupe 01 organized the first IT for Business Forum in Courchevel.

2 days of fascinating workshops, animated by french and foreign experts.

CEOs, managers, startups, consultants, were brought together around the stakes of technology in the companies’ transformations, with themes from customer relationship to online payment systems, human ressources or security issues.

It is with great pleasure that we implemented our interactive app Evenium ConnexMe for this event.

With about 500 comments exchanged between participants, speakers and journalists, the application livened up the debates, opened the dialogues and led to real life meetings …  mission accomplished!

Here are some images with the first impressions of participants, speakers, sponsor or moderator (Please excuse us fo this: the video is in French! You will find below a few translations of best sentences)


Our summary :

 Early-adopters to show the way: 

A handful of very active participants, typically bloggers, begin to lead the debates and to show how it’s done as their comments posted live on the screen, motivated the other participants to bring their own stone to the building. A real complicity was created between the active participants, consequently known and recognized by all the other participants. They formed kind of a small community which revitalized the event from the room.

Speakers, essential intermediary:

On the speaker side, during workshop, Du côté des animateurs des tables rondes, the resumption of comments during the interventions, facilitated the discussions between speakers, “increasing” considerably the contents of the conference with the expertise of the audience.

Shining inside – Buzzing outside:

Two ways to use the app clearly rose above : on one hand, it was used in the room, to ask questions, give a contribution, on another hand, it was used “outside” of the room to share contents with the network, via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn sharing. Beside the pleasure and the interest of the participants to share their impressions or ideas of the conferences with their networks, the buzz possibilities were largely aprouved and adopted by the event’s sponsors

Liberator vs moderator:

A moderation was supposed to be implemented but it was in fact stopped, all the comments were systematically posted on the screen.Demonstration is made: the freedom of expression in which we believe is completely possible and desirable, even when well known speakers are on stage!


“The difficulty in this kind of forum, is those formal presentations where we are passive, we just listen, but we have so many ideas in our heads during those presentations, ideas we would like to share with the others, now [Evenium ConnexMe has],  in a way, solved the paradox.” – (a participant)

“[as a speaker, I tried to] watch carefully the feedback on the screen, which are a real added value” – (a speaker)

“The conference model where the expert, or so called expert, speaks and everybody listen, is totally outdated today.” – (a participant and speaker)

“[Evenium ConnexMe] has created interactivity, within the conference – the contributions appear directly on screen and can be used by speakers and moderators journalists – as well as outside the conference, on social media […]” – (a participant and sponsor)

“[The application has generated] so much buzz around the conference” – (a sponsor)