How to use Social Media for your Event – Part 3

How to use Social Media for your Event – Part 3

Here’s part 3 on using social media with your events in our guest post series from Hervé Kabla.

Engage your online social community with your blog, Facebook and Twitter … 

Using every social media outlet possible to spread the word about your event gives you more visibility, interactivity and flexibility with how your want your event publicized.  At Media Aces, we chose to use WordPress as our blog platform due to its simplicity and the array of options they offer: video integration, language options and automatic broadcasting on Twitter…

You blog serves as a foundation on which all of your social media components (like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) will point to. Before starting, make sure you define its editorial content and get together a team of editors. A good blog is diverse; so if you plan on using it as the platform where you talk about your events, make sure you integrate other elements. For example, talk about your industry, your speakers, etc.
Basically you want to give people an insider point of view, giving them a reason to want to discover more about your events. Show off your talent with your bloggers and really use your imagination so that your blog stands out from the crowd.

Just before and right after your event, put the link on your event timeline on This way, your tweets and ConnexMe content, including slides from the event, come together in one screen in real time.

Get the community involved with Facebook
With the hype of Facebook today, It would be unrealistic to get a lot of buzz without using it. The “wall” feature is a great way for participants to discuss topics and keep up with things they’re interested in. With, you can also integrate a link right into your Facebook page to sell your event tickets, allowing your fans and “friends” to purchase tickets directly in one click. All purchases and registrations are now together in the same online platform.