Embed your ticketing-service into your websites

Embed your ticketing-service into your websites

* Make your event more visible

* Increase registrations by making the most of people visiting your site


Integrate your Evenium.net ticketing into your website or blog

This feature allows you to insert your event’s Evenium.net ticketing into your own websites or blogs. Your event will be more visible and your readers will be able to register or buy tickets on your blog page or website.

1. To begin, create a free Evenium.net account or connect with your existeing Evenium.net account and create an event. For an event which has already been creaetd, connect to your Evenium.net account under the heading « I organize » and click on the name of your event to access the back-office which allows you to configure it

2. Click on the « Configuration » page in the menu bar of your back-office and choose the option « external integration

3. Choice the page « add my ticket shop to a website »

You now have two possible ways to integrate your event

  • Javascript : This code sill automatically re-dimension your ticketing to adapt to your web site
  • Iframe : You can edit the dimensions of your ticketing service directly in the code by changing its « width » and « height » parameters

Make your choice, copy and paste one of the two codes into your website and your tickets will be integrated!


Note : If you do not know how to do this kind of thing, send the links to your webmaster indictating where you would like to integrate the ticketing service into your website… And they’ll take care of the rest !


Questions? Write us to support@evenium.net or on twitter @evenium !