Create tailor-made badges for your event

Create tailor-made badges for your event

Badges are an essential part of organizing events and communicating when on site. They allow you to manage entrants and help guests network efficiently at the event. Go one step further – use them to highlight your partners and lake organizing your guests easier.

Add images

Customize your entry passes by adding a graphic (eg. a banner). This will enable your to highlight who your partners are by adding their logos.

Badge Logos

Create an entry pass that matches your company’s corporate colours

Change your badge’ colour so that they are in harmony with your company’s corporate colours or those of your event.

Add tailor-made content

Our badge doubles up as a name badge that allows you to easily identify your participants and also facilitates communication between them. The main aspects of the badge are the name, first name and company of the person wearing the badge. You can also add a a personalised field that shows additional information. You can use this function to help your speakers or members of a professional body stand out for example.

Customised badge

Make your participants’ lives easier

Add the event agenda to the other side of the entry pass. It will make getting organised easier for your guests.

Agenda on badge

You can also find out how the pass helps speed up entry for your guests!