How to use Social Media for your Event – Part 2

How to use Social Media for your Event – Part 2

Here’s part 2 in our 5 part series on using social media for your events. Blogging is one of the best social media outlets to spread news about your event. Hervé Kabla gives us his advice…

As most of you know, bloggers are journalists-writers-columnists, usually free-lance, who have been storming the web for some 10 years communicating their passions to the grand masses. Ever think about involving them to boost awareness of your event? Well you should! Above all, bloggers are enthusiastic people who are interested in sharing their passion with large numbers of readers. By posting original and engaging articles, the goal is to have the most comments and shares. What an amazing way to spread buzz about your event!

Of course, there are certain customs to be observed. For example, we can’t bribe bloggers, as it’s an affront on their editorial freedom, their legitimacy and their independance. Rather, what you can do is offer them a unique perspective on your event by engaging them in an intelligent way. Offer them access to your event with things such as a bloggers room, similarly as you would have a press room. Organize meetings for them with key people such as exhibitors and speakers. Also, offer them a special badge providing access to reserved spaces or VIP lounges.

Live blogging is one of the best experiences you can use to fully benefit from bloggers. This gives people live reports of your event while all the action is happening, including live interviews which can be posted to YouTube or the blog, giving your event a maximum visibility. (This of course requires Wifi or at least 3G access – just something to think about when organizing!)

Using bloggers will of course take some prep time to find the right ones that fit with the theme of your event (health, sports, culture, etc…). You’ll also need to be present to guide them during the event, following the publications that appear and questions people post in response. If you don’t know any bloggers, try doing some research on the web. If you don’t have the time for this, there are many agencies that specialize in this type of service.

Call to bloggers, you won’t regret it!

Bloggers Room, Orange Business Live event in 2010