Big Data and the event industry

Big Data and the event industry

Collecting data and analyzing it is a new challenges for companies. Since the Internet and social networks have exploded, a very important number of information is now at your disposal and can lead to exceptional business and economical opportunities. It is possible to know your targeted market’s habits, favourite websites, relationships, behaviour. All these details enable better targeting and addressing the right population.

The Event industry : an unexpected actor in Big Data
An event’s definition is a gathering of people to discuss a particular topic. There seems to be little data to extracted. You can obviously know who came, and possibly which conferences or session a participant attended, and it seems that is all that can be obtained.

Participating events are data creators
New tools enable the collection of a maximum of information related to your guests. There is obviously the guests list, but you can also figure out what they think, what their opinion is regarding a discussed topic or product, where they are currently in their decision buying process.
How so ? Because the events’ formats are changing.The guests are requested to be more and more active. When they are free to express themselves, you can start collecting information, the infamous ‘Big data’.

Use an event to identify expectations and desires
With new tools such as the Evenium’s networking and interaction ConnexMe app you can collect significant information about your participants.
You can identify the event’s leaders, and find out who are the most liked people. You will also know how many private messages have been sent in between participants. Moreover, you can also see all public comments and the questions asked. You have the maximum amount of information at your disposal to know them better.

Thanks to new technology, events have become the go-to way to obtain information and data regarding a given population. Use your meetings and conferences to identify the relevant people for your business, and their expectations. You can also contact them with the appropriate speech and offer suited to their needs. And this is just the beginning, the event industry is evolving and is becoming a significant player in the analysis of your clients and prospects!