Asking the right questions to wow your audience

Asking the right questions to wow your audience

Do you want your audience to keep your messages in mind and feel connected to your event? It’s easy, let them give voice to their opinions! In order to do so, you’ll need to ask them some questions. Let relevant questions be your friend here. The Evenium team has whipped up a few tips to help you out.

Anticipation is the key

Write down in advance the questions you are going to ask. Get the lowdown on the audience’s expectations. (Why are they here? What subjects would they want you to discuss in depth? On which ones would they like to give their views?) But you’ll need most of all to anticipate the answers: think of how you’re going to use those to your advantage to illustrate your point, put some enthusiasm to your speech or even enrich your set of arguments.

Find the right moment
Don’t wait until the end of your presentation to organize the traditional Q & A sessions. Use those sessions to liven up your speech throughout your presentation and keep your audience alert.

Use new technology
The time when participants had to raise their hands to speak up is long gone. State-of-the-art equipment, such as the Evenium ConnexMe app, will allow you to directly organize surveys live. Your question pops up on the presentation screen as well as on the smartphones, tablets or computers of the guests.

Ask the right questions
Your questions can be either open or closed or even be used to rephrase or lead to a certain point of view. The most simple ones are generally closed questions because your audience can give a quick answer. However it’s better to ask a few open questions to let your audience’s imagination roam free. They need to feel heard.

When questions and improvement go hand in hand
Granted, asking your guests questions will make them contribute and know their opinions matter. But the results will also allow you to improve your presentations. You’ll know what was understood, what needs to be developed, what people are looking for in a presentation.
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