A Mobile App, the Must-Have Tool For Your Event

A Mobile App, the Must-Have Tool For Your Event

Mobile apps have invaded our daily life. The events industry cannot turn a blind eye to this fact. However, before knowing which application to choose, you need to understand the advantages of the tool and why you need to adopt a mobile appl for your events.

Mobile Apps have become part of our daily life

A telephone to just telephone? is “Has been”

Since 2008, in the USA, the time spent watching TV or using a computer has stayed the same. However, the time spent using mobile telephones has exploded. Ironically, the time spent actually calling someone has decreased significantly; going from 60% in 2008 to 27% in 2011. Why? Because mobile manufacturers have developed new functionalities which in turn have created new habits : Internet, applications, etc. Today 80% of the time spent on our telephones is spent on applications.

A Need, An APP

Mobile users have on average 32 applications on their smartphone. They are used for every need – reserving transport, checking emails, maintaining a link with your network, etc. The professional market has not been exempt from this phenomenon. The number of applications created for the professional market is in constant growth. This is valid for the events industry, numerous applications are available however, what can they bring to your event?

A Mobile App for your event is a real added value

Facilitate the organization and communication

Thanks to the application that make available to your participants, they have access to all the details of the event (Agenda, times, venue plan, etc). In case of last minute changes, you can easily update this information in the application. The organization gains in efficiency. No need to re-print the event agenda in case of timing changes for example.
You can communicate instantaneously and at any moment with your participants by sending them “Push” notifications on their smartphones or tablets.

Durable transmission of information

Did you know that three weeks after your event, participants will only remember 5% of the content? To overcome this, make them more interactive during your event. Do not forget that we learn better by being hands on and participating. To implement your participants, use the Evenium ConnexMe application and animate efficiently your participants. You can create and launch polls in a couple of secondes. You guests give their feedback and invest themselves in your presentation. They will better retain your messages and will remember your content.

Identify the right people

For the participants, thanks to the event app, they can efficiently network. It is not a luxury but a necessity. We are used to being connected all the time to our network. 21% of our times is spent on social networks.
Organizers can also identify interesting leads and find which subjects interesse them. They can contact them by understanding their needs and anticipating their questions and can then have a targeted speech, adapted and with more impact.

Enliven and make participate

Yours guests are before all people with different backgrounds – Fathers, Mothers, Spouses, husbands, representatives, etc – who are used to giving their opinion on what they do and see. They will be expecting the same thing from your event. With the Evenium ConnexMe application, participants can at any moment give their opinion by clicking on a simple button. They can equally ask their questions and comments in the app, respond to one another or receive a responce from the presenter.

The good news is that it only takes a couple of minutes to order and setup an application on your event! More information on our website 🙂


The Evenium Team