5 tips to design the perfect invitation email

5 tips to design the perfect invitation email

Never judge a book by its cover.” Sound familiar? In today’s event industry, this “cover” has taken on a new form: the email pitch. The email pitch is your chance to make a good first impression – fail to do so, and the details of your event will be left to languish in a potential attendee’s Trash folder. Here are 5 tips to ensure your email stays firmly in their inbox and gets a reply.

1. Structure your email

Make sure you include a short introduction (introduce yourself / your event), a body (key features, and how your contact could benefit from them) and a conclusion (a reiteration of why the person should attend your event). Choose an exciting subject title for your email: in this way, your recipients will be motivated to read it and will not mistake it for spam. First off, always address the recipient by his or her first name. Secondly, it should be clear from the first line that the email is an invitation. Thirdly, as a basic rule of thumb: your pitch should not be bigger than one screen shot. So get straight to the point !

2. Keep it simple

Don’t use overly complex vocabulary: it will obscure the meaning of the message and it could seem like you’re just using lots of fancy phrases as a cover-up. There’s really no point trying to impress your readers by using big, meaningless words. Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Lastly, avoid using too many fancy graphics, in this way, the reader will focus solely on the content of the message.

3. Customize your email

You can’t expect someone to care about you and the service you’re offering if you don’t show that you care about them. This is very simple, but is so often overlooked. In the words of Mary Kay Ash (one of the greatest entrepreneurs in Dallas) : “Everyone has an invisible sign around their neck that says, ‘Make me feel important.’”. It is therefore very important to personalize your email so that your guests don’t feel like part of a big anonymous mailing list; they need to feel that they have received your invitation because it perfectly suits their individual needs. It follows that your recipients are far more likely to pay attention to your email if their full name appears in the subject line or at the very beginning of the email.

4. Send an engaging invitation

Make sure you include in your email a hypertext link or a button that redirects your recipients to the event registration page. Draw special attention to this link or button in order to encourage your guests to confirm their attendance. The fewer the steps required to get to the registration page, the more chances there are that your guest will provide a positive response to your invitation!

5. Preview your email before sending it to your guests

Carefully read over every single word of your email and check the spelling. Once you’ve finished writing the email, it’s a good idea to temporarily distract yourself with something completely different and then come back to it. Get an outsider’s perspective by asking for other people’s input. By previewing the email and testing it on different inbox accounts, you can see how it will look when your guest receive it.

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