New technologies for your Christmas party

New technologies for your Christmas party

The winter holidays are approaching and with it, the end of the year. It is a great opportunity for companies to gather their colleagues to have a look at the main points from the past one and for the one to come. The traditional end of year parties also allow to strengthen the feeling of belonging to the company, it must respect its values (dynamism, innovation, etc.) and federate employees. How to achieve all these objectives? Using new technologies! Discover how they help to easily organize your event and provide an unforgettable experience for your employees!

Create an event website in just a few clicks

Go to online solution to create your event website. Build it with your colors, add your graphic design (banner, logo etc), the location of your event is added onto an interactive map. Alternatively, you can add a registration form to collect essential items such as food preferences for your guests.

Digitize invitations and registrations

With just one click, download the list of people to invite in the back office of your event (in Excel for example). Send them as email inviting them to the evening of your new year event and follow real-time registrations. Easily send a reminder to those who have not yet replied.

Get your guests involved

Get your colleagues involved even before the start of the event. You can thus offer to submit the topic of their choice for the evening. They will especially appreciate the event if they feel involved in its realization. You will create a buzz internally, a topic of discussion, debate, in order to know what theme will be chosen.

To do this, send an email to each guest by offering them to suggest a theme of their choice in the mobile app for the evening: by using ConnexMe. Thus, suggestions will be instantly shared with all participants.

Create a social network for the evening

Invite participants to take a photo, to write their comments, and share them with others by posting them on a big screen. How to achieve this? In the ConnexMe app, participants can take pictures, post comments and share them with just one click with the other participants. You can implement a moderation system for the content shared if wish you.

Strengthen the team spirit and the bonds between your guests

Gather your colleagues in teams by mixing the various departments within each other. This will allow people who don’t meet every day to get to know one and other. I would advise you to organize even teams during the creation of the event. Offer to the guests to find other members from their team by giving them clues. For example: “a member of your team is a fan of the Beatles and he has a moustache”. Guests will then have to exchange with each other in order to constitute their team.

Get your colleagues involved and animate your party

Get you guests voting in order to determine which has been the best team or for example who had the best fancy dress. How? All guests can “like” reviews and photos posted on the app by which were posted by other participants. The winner will be the one who collects the most positive votes. No need for specific equipment to organize votes and contests. Easily animate your end of year company party by using the ConnexMe app!

I hope that you will have found these tips useful. Our teams are at your disposal for all applications! Enjoy your Christmas company party 😉