Be stress free!

Be stress free!

10 Tips to Ensure You Are Perfectly Prepared and Stress-Free on the Day of the Event

1.Elaborate Your Event “Bible”
Make sure every detail of your event has been noted down, and go through these details thoroughly with your co-workers and partners well in advance so that everyone is clear on their role. This will also reduce the amount of questions you will have to answer in the lead-up.

2.Create a Briefing Sheet
This should go hand in hand with your checklist. Document every step in the organisation, and include contact details of everyone involved – from partners to suppliers. Then distribute this to everyone involved so that you will not be pestered to sort out as many nuances of detail on the day.

3. Delegate Positions of Responsibility
Even if no-one else could do the job as well as you can, it is guaranteed that if you take on too much you will burn out and the event will suffer from it. Choose people you trust in particular fields and lighten your stress load, but make sure you have a clear document of where everyone will be at all times.

Also, it is a good idea to have someone on hand that you can call up on the day to offload your stress – to avoid this being vented on your suppliers or clients.

4. Resist Temptation to Work to Excess
This will inevitably cause you to mess up. In the last few days leading up to the event, there is only so much you can do – sleeping well, eating well and taking enough time to think over things is imperative, to ensure the last steps are done thoroughly, and that you’re on perfect form for the event itself.

5. Budget Carefully
This goes without saying, but can be the make or break when it comes to the day itself – make sure you have a little spare cash left over for any last-minute hiccups.

6. Distinguish the Main Goal of your Event, and Keep It In Mind
Details are important of course, but it is the overall atmosphere which will dictate the experience your guests take away with them. Focus on the welcome and the way you look after them. For example, ensure transport issues are catered for – if you reduce stress for your participants, you’ll be reducing stress for yourself!

7. Be Honest and Firm
This is true when dealing with those involved in creating the event, and when dealing with yourself. Define goals a step at a time, and stick to them. If you are sure of what you want it can be much more efficiently conveyed to others.

8. When Planning, Imagine You Won’t Have Your Phone During Set-Up
This is possibly one of the most difficult ones to follow, but you’ll reap the benefits if you stick to it. Your phone are great, and will of course be used throughout the organisational process. The trap is laid when you rely on the fact you will be able to use it extensively during the event set-up.

If you take the mind-set that you’ll be unable to use your phone in set-up, you are likely to pay a lot more attention to detail in the run-up and your set-up will run much more smoothly. Work you don’t do before hand is guaranteed to be 3 times more difficult if done on the day.

9. Expect the Unexpected
Even if you feel you have covered every last detail, there will always be things that don’t go to plan – suppliers arrive late or the plugs don’t reach the sockets.

Flexibility is key in managing events, and in nearly every situation that doesn’t go exactly to plan, there will be a way of solving it.

You cannot plan for the unexpected in advance, but you can plan for your reaction. Take a few minutes pause at the beginning of the day to take some deep breaths and focus your mind – everything will become much clearer.

10. SMILE! Project inner calm and your guests will feel comfortable and relaxed.
If you feel things heating up, pause for a few moments. Shut your eyes, take a few deep breaths, take a step back and focus in on the main goal of your event. And remember, if your guests don’t notice something that goes wrong, it didn’t.

The two most important elements in Event Organisation are:

BONUS TIP (just for the ladies) : be sure to bring at least one pair of comfy shoes with you to your event … your feet will thank you!

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